Beetel 220BX Airtel MODEM USB DRIVER

Beetel 220BX Airtel MODEM USB DRIVER Model: 220BX
Company: Beetel
Device Type: Broadband / USB Modem

Download Download File Size : 2.92 MB
Driver Version: 08/12/2002,5.2.3667.0
Posted by: Naveen

windows driver Supported Operating systems
Windows 95 / 98 / XP / 2000 / Me

  • ogykhz

    Thanks a ton. I was looking for Beetel 220BX USB drivers desperately and was not able to find them anywhere.

    I finally found it on your website. Thanks once again

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    finally i found it. really great. keep it up.
    but site appears more like spam ones so i was not confident about the file. i was thinking that it may contain some virus but i tested it and found it fine.

  • Deepak Gautam

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  • Thanks a lot..I needed Beetel 220BX USB driver desperately. got it from here only

  • saurabh

    can any one provide me the inner file for 220 bx asdl2 modem bez the same is not available in the download file

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    Do you by any chance have the drivers that are compatible with Windows 7 (64 bit)?

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  • Nitin

    is there any one who can develop usb drivers for android phones which connects the beetel 220bx adsl2+modem via usb. actually there are drivers avalb. for pc but for android there is nothing so requesting all developers to make them so that v can enjoy the speed over broadband.

  • Rishabh

    How to download i cant download